Standard 4: Human resources practices

Screening, supervision, training and other human resource practices that reduce the risk of child abuse by new and existing personnel

Selecting suitable people to work with children is vital. If you take good care during the recruitment phase you are more likely to screen out people who are unsuitable to work with children.

It is important to:

  • Examine and update your job descriptions and duty statements for all paid and volunteer roles to reflect your policy statement.
  • Mention your commitment to child safety in any job advertisements for paid positions.
  • Be mindful of child safety when interviewing for a paid position.
  • Ensure that Reference checks are completed.
  • Remember to follow fair employment process and follow requirements of privacy legislation and laws relating to unlawful discrimination.
  • Only employ people with a Working with Children Check.
  • Ensure that all ‘Ministers of Religion’ pass the Working with Children Check.

This level of scrutiny is also required for volunteers within your organisation. A volunteer approval process, with reference checks and confirmation of the volunteer having a current Volunteer Working with Children Check registered with your organisation, is essential to ensure due diligence is undertaken in regards to the suitability of volunteers who will be working with children in your organisation.

On-going training and performance monitoring is beneficial not only for the worker but also for the organisation. Staff should continually be trained in understanding the nature and signs of child abuse. They should have a good understanding of the reporting procedure. Those responsible for the supervision of staff and volunteers need to provide them with adequate support as well as monitoring their performance. They need to give honest feedback if people aren’t working to the Code of Conduct. Remember that volunteer workers also must undergo the same child safety training and have the same support to report concerns as those who are in paid employee positions.

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