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The Victorian Council of Churches in partnership with the National Council of Churches in Australia – Safe Church Program has collaborated together to provide this toolkit and the Training Portal to ensure that all Faith Communities in Victoria have the opportunity to ensure that they are prepared to implement the Child Safe Standards in their Faith Community.

We are pleased to partner with the Commission for Children and Young People ( in assisting faith based organisations to meet the Child Safe Standards by providing a range of faith-generic resources, tools and supports.


Victorian Council of Churches (

The Victorian Council of Churches has been working in Victoria since the mid 1930’s when concerned Christians sought ways of collaborating together to benefit the wider communities in which the Church gathers and lives.

Since then the Council has grown to 29 member Churches embracing the diversity of the Church both in beliefs and practices as well as in cultural backgrounds. Many of the Church communities today are or have significant members from CALD backgrounds demonstrating the global nature of the Church.

Through working together the member Churches, seek to express the love and compassion that God demonstrated to the world through his son Jesus. This seeking expresses itself through creating sacred places of safety for all, acceptance of all and a desire to discover ways we can work together to fulfill the mission, the Church believes God has called it to.


National Council of Churches in Australia – Safe Church Program (

The Safe Church Program is an initiative of the National Council of Churches in Australia’s and consists of the Safe Church Training Agreement (SCTA), Safe Church Network, and the Safe as Churches? Conferences.

The Safe Church Training Agreement (SCTA) facilitates quality, sustainable, accessible, safe church workshops for local church leaders. The SCTA is an initiative of the National Council of Churches in Australia (NCCA) with both NCCA and non-NCCA churches participating in the agreement.

The Safe Church Network is committed to leadership so to ensure as far as possible that Australian Churches are physically, emotionally and spiritually safe for children and vulnerable adults. They provide guidance in safeguarding for churches and respond to requests from the NCCA executive.

The Safe as Churches? Conference is a biennial conference that is run to provide professional development opportunities, support and network opportunities to those involved in safe church ministry. Our next conference will be held in Melbourne in 2017.